23 September 2010

Facebook Reportedly Make 2 Smartphone - Facebook buat 2 Hp SMART

Got denied then again busy talking, that's how rumors surroundin
g the phone up. The news is getting hot after three resource persons who have kapaitas associated with this more open sound.

And that's not finished. Reports circulating this time as reported by Bloomberg and quoted on Thursday (9/23/2010), states that Facebook is working with INQ Mobile phone maker to create a network of two types of smartphones will be bound by AT & T.

Smartphone is scheduled to carry the special access features up is rumored to be coming soon in Europe in the first half of 2011, then the next in the United States (U.S.).

In the report, citing three sources who declined to be named, it also said that AT & T is still thought likely to be a service provider for smartphones up, so have not reached an agreement of cooperation between the up and AT & T.

But up alone to the still silent and refused to comment on this. Through his spokesman, said that his party continued up cooperation with INQ Mobile, which already sells phones with features up in it.

Earlier, a spokeswoman for up others, Jaime Schopflin also denied that Mark Zuckerberg's company to make mobile phones. Rather, he said, Facebook is working on a project that included more in-depth integration with several companies.

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