01 October 2009

Smiley Lucu - Upin dan Ipin Smiley, Ringtone

you must know who upin and ipin?! an animated cartoon that has wither language characteristic of each player. upin and ipin is the main role in it with any foolishness and high imagination in every action that became part of the reason people like him.
ramadhan series that aired 2 times a day on this private TV station reportedly has a rating of 10.5% from 100% audience Indonesia, the ratings are high enough votes from other shows on the TV station that usually only get 5% only.

nah ..!! for you who like to upin and ipin have various collections provided by the official website for upin and ipin fans. diwebsite are provided various videos, Wallpapper, screensavers, ringtones, avatars and icons such as smiley gif below ..,,

Smiley Upin dan Ipin :

Ringtone Upin dan Ipin :


Upin & Ipin Theme Song
Upin & Ipin Theme Song (Long Version)
Upin – “Betul Betul Betul”
Ipin – “Ayam Goreng…”
Tadika – “Selamat Pagi Cikgu…”
Upin & Ipin – “Assalamualaikum..”
Mail – “2 Singgit…”
Jarjit – “Apa kamu buat ni…”

Upin & Ipin -”kak rosssss!!!” .mp3 download

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