14 October 2009

Trinity Optima Production

Trinity Optima Production is the name of a major label record company of Indonesia. The company was founded in 2005 and based in Jakarta. Trinity Optima Production known as a new recording company, but able to orbit indonesian top bands/singers such Ungu, Rossa, Naff, ST 12, etc.

Trinity Optima ProductionTrinity Optima Production is a major label record company with the role of artist management. besides producing and distributing music, as well as the Marketing Plan and Execution of Plan Company of products relating to the scope of the music industry.

Trinity Optima Production Major able to compete with other labels such as Musica Studio's, Sony Music Entertainment, etc, which famous produces the top bands/singers of Indonesia.

You are a musician or someone interested in music, please contact visits Trinity Optima Production website for further information.

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