29 November 2009

Warteg Boyz, Okelah Kalo Begitu

Warteg Boyz, is an indonesian music group that is currently very familiar among music lovers Indonesia. is Bongky who is a musician (Bass Player) who had joined with two famous indonesian rock band namely Slank and BIP, which initiated the forming of Warteg Boyz.

Music project that they called the "Rap ngapak" music was named Warteg Boyz with members of two young musician are Agooz and Ari (also as member of degundals Band) as "Rappers ngapak" a.k.a. "the ngappers", and Bongky himself as a "mas DJ". their hits singles, "Okelah Kalo Begitu" which has spread in the internet that tells about the fate of a young man who often had bad luck. But this young man was always resigned and said, "Okelah Kalo Begitu" (read: oqelah qalo beq-gitu, with the Javenese accent). did not take a long, Warteg Boyz able to steal the attention of music lovers of Indonesia with their Rap music and able to penetrate the music industry amid hegemony of melancholy bands in Indonesia today.

  • Hits Song          : Okelah Kalo Begitu (watch on YouTube)
  • RBT download : Telkomsel, Esia, Flexi, 3, Axis: 2211000
  • RBT download : Indosat, XL: WARTEG

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