30 May 2010

Firehouse World Tour 2010

After pending since november 2009 ago, finally, Firehouse concert will be held in Jakarta - Indonesia on June 16, 2010. Original Productions as promoters which after successful held Michael Bolton's concert on last month, this time bringing the popular hard rock band at 90's era, Firehouse. FireHouse's arrival is the purpose of the Firehouse World Tour 2010 - Indonesia & South East Asia.

Firehouse is a hard rock band that very well known with several hits songs that quite familiar to lovers of rock music in Indonesia. songs such as Love a Life Time, Don't Treat Me Bad, I Live My Life For You, When I Look In To Your Eyes, In Your Perfect World, and others. Firehouse is an American hard rock band formed in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1989. The band reached stardom during the early 1990s. FireHouse won the award for Best New Hard Rock/Metal Band were chosen over Nirvana and Alice in Chains. Originally composed of C.J. Snare (vocalist), Bill Leverty (guitarist), Cosby Ellis (guitarist), Michael Foster (drummer), and Perry Richardson (bassist), the band has maintained its original members with the exception of Cosby Ellis, who left the band in 1989 after co-writing the multi platinum debut recording and was not replaced, and Richardson, who departed in 2000 due to conflict. Richardson was replaced three times before current bassist Allen McKenzie was given the position in 2004.

Firehouse's concerts plan was not held in Jakarta only, but will be concerts in several major cities in Indonesia such as Makasaar, Yogyakarta, Balikpapan, Surabaya, Palembang, Medan, Bali.

Schedule & Ticket :

-Jakarta : June 16th  2010 – Tennis Indoor Senayan
Tribune : Rp 250.000 ; Festival : Rp 350.000

-Makassar : June 17th 2010 – Clarion Hotel
VIP : Rp 350.000 ; Class 1 (standing) : Rp 250.000

-Yogyakarta : June 19th 2010 – Jogja Expo Center
Festival A : Rp 200.000 ; FESTIVAL B : Rp 100.000

-Balikpapan : June 20th 2010 – Le Grandeur Hotel
VIP : Rp 350.000 ; Class 1 (standing) : Rp 250.000

-Surabaya : June 22th 2010 – Gramedia Expo
VIP : 250.000 ; Class 1 (standing) : Rp 150.000

-Palembang : June 23th 2010 – The Aryaduta Hotel
VIP : 300.000 ; Class 1 (standing) : Rp 200.000

-Medan : June 25th 2010 – Grand Angkasa Hotel
VIP : Rp 350.000 ; Class 1 (standing) : Rp. 250.000

-Bali : June 27th 2010 – Sand Island, Hard Rock Hotel
Festival : Rp 250.000

-Kuala Lumpur : June 29th  2010
Venue (to be confirm)

-Singapore : June 30th 2010
Venue - Fort Canning Park

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