04 June 2010

Langit Musik, Indonesia's Online Music Store

Indonesia, particularly the music industry, which slumped after the rampant of piracy of Cassette/CD that has impact to the ruin of music industry and musicians themselves. with the presence of the internet, the rampant of piracy and illegal songs are increasingly numerous and more easy to obtain.

But also via Internet, a new revolution in music industry began to emerge that is called "Online Music Store". so everyone who wants to download songs on the internet, can't access it for free. but must pay a certain price for Cassette/CD like at the music store.

iTunes is a leading online music store the most successful. iTunes's success makes Indonesia began to follow like that to save the music industry by launching an online music store.
Is Tekomsel (Indonesian mobile phone provider), launched an online music store exclusively for Telkomsel subscribers named Langit Musik. slightly different with iTunes, Langit Music is a digital music sales service which can be accessed only by subscribers, Telkomsel. it is quite reasonable because the addition is intended to assist the government in an effort to protect the music industry from piracy, because the music is enjoyed so acquired legally guaranteed legality aspect, Telkomsel as the phone provider also sees from the business side in recruiting more subscribers.

Subscribers who want to get music can download digital music directly on the phone through internet access using 3G/3.5G network, which provides more than 10,000 songs from different music flows. To protect digital music from piracy, Telkomsel using the platform Digital Rights Management (DRM) that will restrict the transfer of music files have been downloaded. By applying DRM, users who move the music files to mobile phones or other computers will be asked to buy activation ticket again of music files. in other word, if you want to transfer the songs, it's like buying directly from the music store.

Langit Musik currently only contains the songs of Indonesia, although they are considered to be the target market, there is little need to incorporate foreign artists. Songs are available from the following labels that operate in Indonesia: Pelangi, EMI, E-motion, Musica Studio's, Aquarius, Trinity Optima Production, Sony BMG, and others.

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