16 June 2010


Introducing, a great movie documentary about music that can inspire people, especially musicians who are struggling in the music world.

"Unsigned" is a feature length documentary that follows three bands that refuse to give up on their dream of making it big over the course of one year that will change everything for the bands forever. Follow "Fight Friendly", "Paul Nagi" and, "The Muddy Reds" as they balance their rock n' roll aspirations with the hardships and realities of daily life in this documentary that dares you to follow your own dreams and shows the power of never giving up on what inspires you.

You can watch the teaser trailer below:

Jeremy McGovern (Producer – "Unsigned")
An Anti-Hero Production

Keep track of it's progress and know where to see it when it's released. go to the website here... www.indiegogo.com/unsigned

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