22 August 2010

12 Year Prison Penalty threatened, Ariel Difficult Free


Ariel should be free to Jakarta on Monday (8/23/2010) tomorrow because the police has not been able to complete the case file. But because he threatened a prison sentence of 12 years, Ariel can not be waived.

"Can you freely if the penalties are under nine years. If Ariel's above nine years," explains Head of Police Headquarters Kombespol Marwoto passenger when contacted by phone Thursday detikhot (08/19/2010).

Ariel Police Headquarters in jail since June 22, 2010. Once detained for 20 days, the bracket is extended to 40 days. Monday (8/23/2010) next, 40 days had a lover Luna Maya was in the cell.

According Marwoto, police still have a few days to complete the case file before the time of the arrest of former Ariel Peterpan vocalist was gone. Once completed, the file will be returned to the Attorney General.

"No trouble, do you still have four more days," explained Marwoto again.

Ariel was arrested after a video pornonya with Luna Maya and Cut Tari circulating in cyberspace. He snared the police with article 218 of the Penal Code, article 27 UU ITE and article 4 & 29 of Law on Pornography.

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