27 August 2010

Favourites this Love Him Position in England

A website about health and sex in England to do a poll about favorite sexual positions. After 3000, followed by couples in the UK, the results of the poll was to find a favorite sex position.

As many as 60 percent of participants chose the missionary position as their best sex positions. While the second rank was occupied by the Woman on top. The third-most favorite position is doggystyle.

Other positions in the kama sutra book like style 'Scissors' and reverse cowboy (like position 'woman on top' but the woman turned to direction) was less popular in England. Most of them choose to do sex positions that are familiar only.

But the study also proved that most couples have tried different sexual positions. Only, they return to their usual sex positions do it again. The reason is because they used to do it.

Variation of sex positions hard done only occasionally to their sex lives can not be bland.

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