24 August 2009

Indostats, Web Statistics Indonesia

indostats_logoWho is not familiar with the term Web Statistics or Web Analytics. If you are a Blogger or Webmaster, would require web statistics tools to analyze and monitor the development of the site you have.

How a Web Analytics or Web Statistics is actually very simple, namely to record all the activity of a site. Of course you have to put the code that is usually a java script into a site that wants the monitor or in the analysis.

These recordings can be used to determine the number of daily visitors, the number of page views, browsers used by visitors, search engines used by visitors, where visitors, even up to a lot of keywords used by visitors to your site or blog.


Actually a lot of web analytics tools that have been popular and have long standing, such as Google Analytic, HiStat, and Extreme Tracking. All offer a wide range of features with tables and charts the development of your site.

This time has stood Web Analytics nation's children, Indostats. Indostats itself is still in Beta, because it had just been released. Indostats is a web analytics counter and easy to use and very reliable. After the tracker code on your paste there, in seconds indostats ready to provide statistical reports in real time.

Some advantages of Indostats:

Real Time

icon_depan_real_timeNo need to wait for 1 or 24 hours to analyze your Website. With Indostats, you will know more quickly than other web stats, because every visitor who comes can you see on the pages directly report on the spot without any delay.

Accurate Without Borders

icon_depan_akurat_tanpa_batasGot a site with 100,000 pageview per day? not a problem. For any Website, Indostats still will save all the data completely and accurately. And you do not need to pay anything to get this feature.

Quite 1 Account

icon_depan_cukup_1_accountOnly need 1 account to monitor all your sites, so list all of your Website in Indostats. You can add, edit, reset and delete the site you can do quickly and easily at the member's area page ... Register now!

Easy and Quick
icon_depan_simpelNavigation report or reports easy and quick access will make any easier to understand your site statistics. All the report is here. Forget the confusing menus, Indostats made to make things clearer, not vice versa.

Website Ranking

icon_depan_rating_situsmuWhen you join the Indostats, your site will be included in our ranking system. Each category has a certain rank. You will know how your site is diposisi among other sites. And we promise, you will get a lot of new visitors of this feature.

40+ Report

icon_depan_40_reportVisitors, search engines, keywords, referral sites, browsers, OS, city. That's only part of the dozens of reports that will be provided when you joined the Indostats. Free, and only takes 30 seconds to get started. So what are you waiting for?


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