23 August 2009

Ita Purnamasari

Ita Purnamasari is indonesian singer who's popular at around the mid '90s year. Ita Purnamasari born in Surabaya, East Java, on July 15, 1967. She is also the wife of famous indonesian musicians, Dwiki Dharmawan. early music career, Ita Purnamasari bring rock music and most called with Lady Rocker, and had released the albums "Penari Ular"(1988) and "Selamat Tinggal Mimpi" (1989). She even had time to get the award for "Best Female Rock Singer" on the BASF Awards 1990 (Indonesian Music Awards, at that time). but Ita Purnamasari more famous as a popular Indonesian singer and success inIndonesia's music industry after sing a hits song "Cintaku Padamu" with music nuanced of Pop. and thence, Ita Purnamasari start leaving the rock style that has been identical with her and switch to the Pop music. it is more visible when she joined with the other singers and founded the music group called Tiga Dara. not long after release the new album, in 2009, Ita Purnamasari new album will be released and called as the album "The Best of Ita Purnamasari". is a collection of her hits songs and one new song "Cuma Kamu", that fills in this latest album, and duet with young singer Zaki (ex-vocalist, Kapten Band).

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