20 August 2009

Themes Vista for Themes Wordpress | Tampilan Windows Vitsta untuk Wordpress Themes

Do you imagine display do you like windows vista? How to make your wordpress blog look like windows vista? With the display windows vista, of course your blog will look very luxurious and "wah". The view that is very interactive and unique to make this blog your blog is with the other.

Equipped with the menubar, the withdrawal start button windows vista and your blog visitors can choose the color theme that they like. Ranging from red, blue, chocolate and more. With the themes guaranteed visitors this blog so you seem to like to add to your blog again. Hehe.

Features in the admin / owner of a blog, you can change, and manage their own especial work will suit you.

Please see previewnya on the blog:


If you are interested in using the same view as that (you can own especial work later), please download at:


Happy Blogging!

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