10 September 2009

How to Free Download Videos from YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular social media on the internet. YouTube is a video sharing site, where everyone can upload, watch, share, and even download any video for free. Generally the videos on YouTube are music clips (video clip), thriller movies, TV shows pieces, and a video home made of the users themselves.

However, there is little problem if the internet access that we use are slowly. because to watch videos directly from YouTube will slightly reduce the comfort for the stuttering image (loading). to overcome this problem, the only way to watch the videos smoothly is to download the video file from YouTube to your PC. because in addition to smoothly, we are not burdened by the cost of Internet access.

Here are some tips on how to download videos from Youtube.

How to free download videos from youtube

1. Go to YouTube website at www.youtube.com, then input text on the search box in YouTube, for any video you are looking for.

2. After that search results will show the videos that you are looking for, then select one of them and see video demo.

3. And, after feel right and like that video, then copy the video URL address.

4. after that open a new browser, and go to this site. after the open, paste the URL address of that video and click "Sedot Video".

5. Wait a moment for loading process, and after that will appear the URL file link below. Save as that link to your HD/PC. (after the download file is completed, the file is in FLV format)

6. If you have the FLV Player, the download process is completed. but if you want to change the file format to formats of AVI, MPEG, even MP3, etc, you should download the application at smallvideosoft.com (free). Download one of these applications (eg Freez Flv to AVI / MPEG / WMV Converter), and follow the steps very easily.

Good luck ...

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