15 September 2009

Utilizing Facebook for Music Promotion

As we know, Facebook is a social media that world's most popular on the internet today. Facebook fever swept almost all walks of life from children to old poeples. According to some writings, Facebook users around the world recorded more than 130 million people now. Higher than any other social network visitors are more popular once like MySpace or Friendster. even, Elected President of the United States, Barack Obama, also using Facebook for president campaigne, others make own website.

Creative workers (Musician) in Indonesia was a lot later use Internet technology as an alternative and even now as a trend in musical exploration. most of them come from the independent or indie musician - who was tied with a big record label (major labels). Therefore they become very creative in maximizing the existing limitations. this is one way of harnessing technology for the promotion, distribution, and sale of music works, also reach the fans as much as possible through an increasingly digital world rapidly.

Utilizing Facebook with a page on Facebook, or make some applications for music promotion, is a technique that is a favorite campaign moment. one of the applications for promotion of music through facebook is My Band. This application is a third-party applications from ReverbNation (ReverbNation is revolutionizing the music ecosystem by bringing together artists, fans, venues, and record labels to forge relationships around the music) and, still many other ways to explore music on Facebook.

See example image of My Band application on Facebook below :

facebook, reverbnation, music promotions

Facebook is now no longer the site just to make a friendship, dating, or relationship (initial goal was established), but has become a new trend and become one of the "important vocabulary" in the social life everyday. Started politicians, celebrities, businessmen, students, school students, and housewives in many countries in the world, also in Indonesia, which is now practically ridden Fecebook fever. so, Facebook will be useful if used for positive things.

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