02 September 2009

Indonesia Music Portal (IM:Port)

Indonesia's Music Industry today is currently experiencing very rapid growth. Bands/Singers had a lot of popping, and make music lovers is not easy to remember one of their names.

In the midst of positive music growth, Independent Music Portal (IM:Port Musik) present. Anang Hermansyah (musician) who became the founder of IM:Port. IM:Port is a music programs to launch the indonesia's music industry toward of digital music industry.

IM:Port is a program of non-exclusive distributor for Indonesia's digital music. It is open to all musicians, especially independent music artists and record companies who want to distribute their music work in digital form. 

The advantages gained by indie musicians who joined with IM:Port music is no cost or free. in addition, IM:Port also give them the facility to hold the tour, making a compact disc (CD), even they get royalties from the sales of Ring Back Tone (RBT), because IM:port distribute their music works through the RBT that in collaboration with all celullar providers in Indonesia. also through the website (www.importmusik.com) and Kiosk, distribution music channels of the bands can be enjoyed by music lovers in Indonesia.

It was 2400 band that incorporated through IM:Port, which dominated from the island of Java, Sumatera, and Sulawesi. For other areas have not, because it is constrained by information, knowledge, and facilities are not owned in other areas.

Music of Indonesia grew rapidly and has tremendous potentials. But there are still problems with limited infrastructure. All parties must participate and think and act in this case, Indonesia's Music Industry.

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