28 September 2009

Slank's Songs Reverberate in USA

Slank is one of the best band in Indonesia today, which last year released the English Version Album titled "Anthem For The Broken Hearted". the launch of this album is one step for Slank to initiate steps for go international. and now, this album beginning to reap success. How not, Slank's english lyrics songs has reverberate and become public consumption in the United States of America (U.S.A.), because often to playing on the local radio, mall, casinos, and other public area.

Proud! That is now perceived Slank band, and the whole Slankers (as fans slank) and all music lovers in Indonesia.

Slank, Anthem for the broken heartedThe song "Too Sweet to Forget" is a song that often playing in LA, even in Las Vegas, At the casinos and also played in the mall. English version album of Slank has been prepared since last year (2008). The recording process worked from July through August 2008 in Los Angeles, USA. Before the release in the country (Indonesia), this album was released in the U.S. before.

For their new album, Slank has a great way to promote. The way they think works to suppress piracy songs that have not fully eradicated. Slank, chose to promote their album by "selling merchandise" and get bonus that is Slank's album (Anthem for the Broken Hearted), plus VCD of Slank World Tour 2008.

"With sales by this way, is a form of  Slank resistance to against piracy", said Kaka (vocalist)
Hopefully, this success will followed by other Indonesian Bands/Singers who can penetrate the American music market or widely.

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