01 September 2009

6 Places to Download WordPress Themes

So you’ve got Wordpress installed on your server and you’re ready to share your thoughts with the web world. Exceptional content doesn’t need to be pretty to communicate but we can’t help that we’re visual creatures. If you want to catch peoples’ eyes and really market yourself you want your blog to look as sharp and creative as your writing is. Besides, who wouldn’t want to wrap all their hard work and thoughts in a beautifully coded and graphical package for visitors to enjoy?

There are some great free Wordpress layouts available, many at wordpress.org. Lots of fantastic paid ones as well. Don’t be afraid to pay for something exceptional that suits your needs. Let’s visit 10 amazing places you can go to get awesome wordpress themes.

Blog oh Blog

Blog Oh! Blog offers some brilliant themes for download and purchase. With a style that’s both clean and modern you can have an exceptionally sleek look with any of these designs. Check out both the free and paid sections here. Their free templates have some unique designs and layouts!

Themes Junction

‘High quality word press themes for free.’ They have a huge selection, over 4,000 layouts, some are just nice but there are so many hidden gems. Look around, you’ll find some excellent designs and all for free! Many of these designs are not exclusive to the site, you’ll probably see them elsewhere too but unlike many of the other ‘collective’ type sites this one organizes everything very well and lists the authors website in the sub-page for each design. Handy!

Elegant Themes

A pay only website but don’t despair yet! The price is set at $19.95 for the year and you get access to all of their designs. On top of that you do get personal attention from the developer of you have any issues or problems. A total steal, especially considering the quality of the designs.

Theme Forest

Theme Forest is another collective of designs, this time each design is set for sale by the original designer. It’s a fantastic concept and you can see a wide range of styles and designs by going to one place. While there are not any themes set for free, they are very reasonably priced between $10 and $45.

Free Theme Layout

That’s right a totally free collective of originally designed sites! With the option to purchase the PSDs and remove the credits at their sister site themelayouts.com. Clean to grungy to hip to funky, all kinds of styles here!


Jinsona runs this website and offers his designs for free to users. He also runs a forum with free help for any of his work. There are also a lot of user submitted themes, ones I’ve seen several times before on other websites but still a very nice selection.

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