01 September 2009

Tutorial WordPress : Using the Featured Post Plugin

If you’ve created an online magazine with WordPress or simply want to grow your blog, then you’ll want to add a way to feature specific posts at the top of your home page. Most online magazines and many high profile blogs have a featured post section that either showcases one primary post or rotates through several posts.

There are a variety of plugins to allow you to feature posts on your home page. One such plugin is the Random Featured Post Plugin. The easiest and most popular plugin is a plugin called the Featured Post Plugin.

Once you install the Featured Post Plugin, you’ll of course activate the plugin and then edit the settings. You’ll enter the ID of the post you want to feature.

Now you should be able to have posts that are being featured on your blog. To get the featured post to look as you want, you may have to edit some of the template. Afterward, it should look something like this:

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