01 March 2010

Avoiding Danger Sex In Water

Sex in the water do not easily jump into the water and then directly to the core. As quoted from eHow, Thursday (25/2/2010), there are some things you should know and be prepared if you want to do 'sex water' safe.

1. Bring extra condoms
If you plan to use condoms, condoms should carry more inventory. Condoms and water will not get along, the duration of condoms would be less because the condom can easily escape when exposed to water. Water will make the condom slippery and ultimately the risk of falling or anything higher regardless.

2. Bring the liquid lubrication
If you think the water will increase the fluid lubrication for women, you're wrong. Instead, the water will only remove and wash lubrication fluid released women just before and during sex.

These conditions will result in a less comfortable feel and a little pain for women. For that, make sure bring lubrication silicone fluid is not water soluble so that penetration can run smoothly without any pain.

3. Do not do 'sex water' in the pool or beach
There are many places that can be broadcast to 'air sex', but should avoid places such as swimming pools and beaches. The swimming pool contains chlorine which can be bad for health, especially women.

Chlorine enters via the vagina can cause bladder infections and other diseases due to the risk of bacteria entering the water. To be more safe, just do it better oral sex.

While it, the beach is also not a good place to have sex. High salt content in sea water will endanger the woman's reproductive machinery. Besides having sex on the beach is not a legal activity, so you should not try to do it.

4. Look for a handle and install anti-slip in the bathtub
The tub is a place to 'sex water' the most secure, just do not forget to put anti-slip (slip) on the surface of the tub. Do not forget to also find a place to grip so as not to easily fall while doing sex.

Sex in the bath tub or tube is best done in a state of standing because the body is more stable and balanced in action.

So if you want to have sex in the water, you should think about and prepare everything for sex with mature running smoothly and safely.

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