10 March 2010

Terrorists Dulmatin Died in Pamulang

In a terrorist ambush in Pamulang, Tangerang today Tuesday, March 9, 2010 at 13.00 WIB, the police had shot dead a suspected terrorist Dulmatin. Ambush carried out at a shop on Jl. Siliwangi, Pamulang. The body of a suspected terrorist Dulmatin currently in the hospital police. According to information from TVOne, Dulmatin body when lifted from the coffin, covered with blood. Apart from Dulmatin shot, in a terrorist ambush in Pamulang, police also caught the couple alive, which is also involved in the terrorist movement.

Dulmatin is suspected of being behind the Bali bombings I in 2003. After the Bali bombings, Dulmatin fled to the Philippines and he had several times thought to have died, but police doubt about the death of Dulmatin in the Philippines. Dulmatin was also involved in the riots in Poso for 1 month and in Ambon. According to an interview friend TVOne Dulmatin, Ali Fauzi, Dulmatin has said that he would never return to Indonesia. Dulmatin also known as an expert in the field of electronics.

Post-Doctoral death of Azhari and Noordin M Top, Dulmatin allegedly strengthens intentions to return to Indonesia because the Indonesian terrorist gangs to lose the people who can organize this underground organization. Dulmatin able to make a bomb after he was training in Afghanistan. He was able to make a bomb with a good variety of circuits that use electronics or using chemicals. In structural Jamaah Islamiah, Dulmatin not play an important role, but he has the advantage in assembling bombs. So said Ali Fauzi, friend TVOne Dulmatin when interviewed by telephone.

Source : Tv One

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