10 March 2010

Photo Dulmatin Death in Pamulang

Identity of suspected terrorists who were killed in the raid in Pamulang Multiplus shophouses still confusing. There are expected Dulmatin. However, other information said, the suspect who was killed in the name 'John Abraham'.

"The suspect who was killed in the name of Yahya Ibrahim," said sources in the police AFP, Tuesday (9/3/2010).

However, these sources are reluctant to explain in detail what Yahya Ibrahim. Including the question whether Yahya Ibrahim likely associated with terrorist groups in Aceh or not.

Previously reported, densus headquarter's 88 police raided the shop in Jalan Multiplus Siliwangi, Pamulang, South Tangerang (Tangsel). In that event, a terrorism suspect was killed by a shootout with police.

An eyewitness told there was exchange of fire between police and a number of people who are in the shop. Soon after, some people seem arrested and taken by police.

Around 12:30 am, Tuesday (9/3/2010), there are a number of medical officers who entered the shop. They brought the corpse coffin. While a stand-by ambulance was in front of shophouses. "He said there was one person killed," said one citizen.

Two-storey commercial Multiplus is located in Siliwangi highway, adjacent to the Pamulang Square. This Multiplus commercial use wartel business places, cafes, delivery, and photocopying.

Dulmatin was a senior terrorist perpetrators. He has the expertise to assemble bombs and recruit people. Last news, news so far he fled to the Philippines. He has long been an international fugitive.

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