12 March 2010

Panasonic Gobel Awards

Panasonic Gobel Awards - Panasonic Awards is one of the annual event held for the most prestigious rating television programs in the country would again be held. But in 2010 this year, Panasonic Awards ceremony will be renamed Panasonic Gobel Awards and would still remain with the previous concept, which provides an assessment of the program or programs of the most interesting television in Indonesia.

In addition to the name change to Panasonic Gobel Awards held at the upcoming March 26 will also experience a change in the logo. "The color (logo) will look more gold," said Director of Sales Marketing Ramawy Rudy RCTI, when explaining the theme, as found in the Hotel Nikko, Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Jakarta, Thursday (18/2/2010).

Rudy explains, the golden trophy in the form of exclusive value of the award symbolizes the respect and the addition of the sentence the 13 th Annual Awards Panasonic Gobel.

"This declaration will also be used in Panasonic Gobel appreciation awards. In addition to providing a clear identity that Panasonic Gobel Awards is the original idea from Indonesia, "he explained.

Prestigious event which was started in 1997 will be different from previous years. "We will start displaying icons of television, because according to the theme of Unite and Indonesia all have the same goal to improve the quality of the viewers in Indonesia," he explained.

The event is scheduled to be 24 awards to mempersembangkan television beings. 11 for the individual categories and 13 awards categories most favorite program or event viewer choice.

"In the event this time there are programs or entertainment of children and children edutaiment the join into a single category of the category-ana child. While category Documentari program which last year held there now, "he explained.

In addition, the category of programs or news magazine show is replaced with the category feature. This year Panasonic Gobel Award will add a new category of Category Presenter Talent Search and Talent Show.

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