14 March 2010

How to View the subtitles to the film

If the file is still in the form of rar or zip, it was the first ekstract using Winrar application

  • Move files and subtitlenya movie into one folder. Name the movie and should be the same subtitlenya. Suppose the film titled Hancock.avi, then subtitle = Hancock.srt.
  • Then flickey movie with Windows Media Player. automatic subtitle will come out.


  • Install VLC Media Player application, and subtitlenya If the movie had been in a folder and name of the movie and subtitle same, then the text will automatically exit.
  • But if it does not come out, then enter the subtitle manually by clicking the Video menu, select Subtitle Track, and select Load File. Search / Browse subtitlenya file is located where, when I met select and click OK.

If a MKV movie file, it can be played using VLC Media Player

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