01 March 2010

Earthquake Shake Chili, Chili Government Confessing One - Earthquake Chili

Casualties in the earthquake in Chili reached more than 700 people. Chili Government also admitted it had made a mistake because initially underestimated the risk of tsunami from the great earthquake. The mistake that has claimed many lives.

"There was a mistake," said Chilian Defense Minister Francisco Vidal at the press conference as reported by AFP news agency on Monday (1/3/2010).

Vidal is said, it had made 'diagnosis errors' by not issued a tsunami warning after an earthquake measuring 8.8 on the Richter Scale shook Chili.

Powerful earthquake hit Chili on Saturday, February 27 then and was recorded as power ful earthquake in Chili in several decades. Shortly after the earthquake, President of Chili Michelle Bachelet to eliminate fears of tsunami waves. Bachelet had appealed for calm.

In fact, most of the 700 such deaths, precisely around 500 people, living in coastal areas who have advised the government of Chili to not worry about tsunami.

Although the tsunami warning was finally announced, but it's a little late. Chilian government argued, however, despite warnings that it was too late to save thousands more lives because the people fled coastal areas to higher ground.

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