29 October 2010

Keyboard shortcut for Photoshop CS2 Toolsbox - Kode Shortcut di Keyboard Photoshop

pstoolshortcut Keyboard shortcut for Photoshop CS2 Toolsbox

Fastest way of moving around any applications/games quite unachievable unless there is a combination of keyboard and mouse. In Photoshop, to move around quicker that your fellow colleagues or friends, how about starting with mastering the Tools; the most important element in Photoshop, from my point of view.

Point your mouse over the image to see a change. The alphabets indicates the shortcut for each of the tools. For a more complete coverage of the tools shortcut, refer the table ofPhotoshop CS 2 tools shortcut below.

photoshop tool box shortcut
Tools Shortcut Name Shortcut Key
Add Shape +
Subtract Shape -
Preserve Transparency (toggle) /
Decrease Brush Size [
Increase Brush Size ]
Decrease Brush Softness by 25% Shift+ [
Increase Brush Hardness by 25% Shift+ ]
Previous Brush
Next Brush >
First Brush
Last Brush Shift+ >
Tool Opacity 10% → 100% 1 → 0
Flow / Airbrush Opacity 10% → 100% Shift+1 → 0
Path / Direct Selection Tool A
Brush / Pencil / Color Replacement Tool B
Crop Tool C
Default Colors D
Eraser Tool E
Cycle Screen Modes F
Gradient / Paint Bucket Tool G
Hand Tool H
Eyedropper / Sampler / Measure Tool I
Spot Healing / Healing / Patch / Red Eye J
Slice Tool K
Lasso Tool L
Marquee Tool M
Notes / Audio Annotation Tool N
Dodge / Burn / Sponge Tool O
Pen / Freeform Pen Tool P
Standard / Quick Mask Mode Q
Blur / Sharpen / Smudge Tool R
Clone / Pattern Stamp Tool S
Type Tool (Vertical / Horizontal) T
Shape Tool U
Move Tool V
Magic Wand Tool W
Switch Colors X
History / Art History Brush Tool Y
Zoom Tool Z
Hand Tool (toggle) Space
Zoom In (toggle) Ctrl+Space
Zoom Out (toggle) Alt+Space
Cycle Path / Direct Selection Tools Shift+A
Cycle Brush / Pencil / Color Replacement Shift+B
Cycle Eraser Tools Shift+E
Menubar (show / hide) Shift+F
Toggle Gradient / Paint Bucket Tools Shift+G
Cycle Eyedropper / Sampler / Measure Shift+ I
Cycle Spot / Healing / Patch / Red Eye Shift+J
Toggle Slice / Slice Select Tools Shift+K
Cycle Lasso Tools Shift+L
Toggle Rectangular / Elliptical Marquee Shift+M
Toggle Notes / Audio Annotation Tools Shift+N
Cycle Dodge / Burn / Sponge Tools Shift+O
Toggle Pen / Freeform Pen Tools Shift+P
Cycle Blur / Sharpen / Smudge Tools Shift+R
Toggle Clone / Pattern Stamp Tools Shift+S
Cycle Type Tools (Vertical / Horizontal) Shift+T
Cycle Shape / Line Tools Shift+U
Toggle History / Art History Brush Shift+Y
Airbrush (Brush Tool) Alt+Shift+P

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