30 November 2010

President of South Korea: North Korea's Ruthless Attack

North Korea'a Ruthless Attack
Seoul (AFP) South Korean President (ROK) Lee Myung-Bak vowed to make his rival, North Korea (North Korea) regretted the inhumane artillery attacks to the Gulf Yeonpyong, Tuesday (23/11). "I can not harbored resentment against the North Korean regime's atrocities," said Lee, Monday (29/11). According to Lee, he urged the Government to act more firmly against the North. The incident killed four people, two of whom were soldiers. As a result, South Korean military is considered weak. "Now our people know that tolerance and patience will only lead to greater provocation," added Lee. A day after China, North Korea's sole ally, invited South Korea to peace talks with Pyongyang, Lee said, "It's hard to expect North Korea to leave the military actions that endanger and nuclear weapons." Lee's speech broke just as the United States joint military exercises with South Korea held at the border. Exercises involving nuclear-powered aircraft carriers owned by U.S., USS George Washington. Condition increasingly tense after assessing the North's efforts as a provocation. North Korea also threatened to launch the next attack.

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