03 November 2010

Manga Naruto Chapter 515

Tsuchikage is taking the turtle island to the Shinobi Alliance place (I believe he's making it fly too).
Naruto says that things are weird cause the sky shifted again, and that the mission's over so he needs to go back to Konoha to wait for Sasuke in his attack.
Sasuke is still wrapped up with those bandages. He asks Zetsu if he's ready yet. Black Zetsu says not yet. White Zetsu says the next time he looks upon something, it will be as if he's in a different world and that it looks interesting.
The scouts sense Kabuto inside.

Kabuto says they need to extract info from Yamato before anything. But he says not to kill him before they can use him to strengthen the Zetsu.
Madara says he could easily use the Rinnegan Ningendou's technique to get the info but that Yamato would die from it.
A snake slithers onto Yamato's arms and bites his palms.
Madara says that it's a poison that can immobilize the Mokuton powers, and then calls Kabuto a (crafty) bastard for doing so much research on Shodai's cells.
Kabuto says its a remedy he
made to suppress Hashirama's powers, and not to worry, that he won't use it on Zetsu.

Kabuto says that even without using Rinnegan, they can get the info they want with his truth serum and Madara's Sharingan.

Aoba and Motoi talk, Motoi says that it seemed they already arrived (to the Alliance location via Oonoki)
It's basically a meet and greet for everyone and they're grouped together.
Tsuchikage is talking to Mizukage about the situation, and about Kyuubi and Hachibi.
The kages and Shikaku talk about the situation, their forces, and other things.
Kankurou is the captain of the Ambush Squad/Battalion. He introduces himself to Sai and Omoi. Sai greets him and wonders what nickname he should give him. Omoi wonders if someone as young as that should be a captain. There are also others.
Kakashi tells Gaara he's the regiment commander. Ao asks Shii if this is his first time in a war, and Shii says yes. Daru is the captain of the 1st Unit/Battalion. Tenten asks if he is their captain, and Chouza remarks that he seems pretty sluggish/listless (using a play on his name "darui", which means that)
Someone named Kitsuchi (yellow earth) is captain of the 2nd battalion/unit. Karui, Hinata (who says that she's nervous), and Kurotsuchi are part of it among others, and Kurotsuchi curses that it has to be her father who has to lead them.
3rd battalion has Hatake Kakashi as captain. Guy who's still collapsed is on his team. Lee asks if Gai is alright. Sakura asks what happened with him.
4th unit/battalion lead by Gaara, whose position is regiment commander and commanding officer. Has Chouji, Temari, and Shikamaru. They make some remarks (Chouji's is about food and Shikamaru is complaining about how much of a pain this is).
5th battalion/unit lead by Mifune. Has Kiba, Hana, Shino, and Ino and they make their remarks.


(Remember that this is still a summary, not a word for word translation, though it gets all the important things though I haven't translated the things between Naruto and Bee).

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