07 July 2011

BBM Nazaruddin lay out the role of Andi Mallarangeng Problem Bribes

JAKARTA - Alleged involvement of Youth and Sports Minister in a bribery case continues dikuak Athletes Pensions development. Once the stronghold Sesmenpora Wafid Muharam, now turn to the former treasurer of the Democratic party that revealed the role of M Nazaruddin Andi behind the crime of corruption in the project's SEA Games.

According Nazaruddin, her nickname, Andi involved in meetings to finally agree to increase the budget proposal for the activities of Sea Games. The proposal will be submitted to the Commission X for review.

According to him, the meeting took place at a Japanese restaurant at the Hotel Arcadia around the third week in February 2010. In addition to Andy, attended the meeting Angelina Sondakh, Mirwan Amir, Mahyudin, and Sesmenpora Wafid Muharam.

"And there's the newly appointed deputy Andi M. He is former director of one of the palace, whose name I forget," said Nazaruddin through blackberry messenger to Tribunnews.com on Thursday (07/07/2011).

This meeting itself, says Nazar, a continuation of the next two meetings, one of which was also attended by Andi Mallarangeng. The meeting is meant Nazar is a meeting between himself, Andi Mallarangeng, Mahyudin and Angelina Sondakh Kemenpora Building on the 10th floor. During the meeting, Andi, is recognized by Nazaruddin, helped introduce to him and Angelina Wafid and Mahyudin.

Happenings this meeting, it was revealed by Wafid stronghold. Unfortunately, through counsel Wafid Erman Umar admitted to not know the material at the time his fourth conversation.

"In the meeting request Andi budget of Rp 2.3 trillion to help budget for infrastructure Sea Games and acceleration facility. Wafid Andi call the meeting to help Angelina and friends. It's commandment to Wafid Andi," he explained.

The first meeting is then continued at the second meeting which took place in early February 2010. Mentioned, Andi did not participate in this second meeting. Anas Urbaningrum present precisely at that time was serving as Chairman of the parliament faction. Anas and his addition, the meeting was also attended Wafid, Angelina, Mirwan Amir, and Mahfud, a businessman who was a friend Anas.

"The meeting of technical talk about the project, including Ambalang project worth Rp 1.2 trillion, Rp 75 billion for projects olaraga assistive devices, and including USD 200 billion construction of Wisma Athletes in Palembang and Rp 180 billion infrastructure development athletes in West Java," he said.

The second meeting, will later, Nazar said, continue to the third meeting in a Japanese restaurant in Arcadia. "The meeting agreed that the proposed Menpora all about the budget shortfall for infrastructure implementation Sea games. To be budgeted in the State Budget 2010 and Budget 2011. We agree on technical matters. Later that runs between Angelina and Mirwan Wafid and Amir, whose divisions; about the budget will be set by the leadership of the Emir of Banggar Mirwan large and about entrepreneurs will be set by Angelina. As soon as the story, "he explained.

Happenings Nazar involvement in the budget proposal for adding related Kemenpora SEA Games organizing itself has never revealed the former legal adviser to the Mindo Rosalina Manulang Kamaruddin Simanjuntak.

"The initiative of Nazaruddin. He co-operation with members of the board of commission X. They go hand in hand to increase the budget," he said some time ago.

For the encouragement of the Commission to discuss and approve the proposed X budget increase, the network is with PT Duta Graha Indah Tbk. Companies that dikomisarisi Sandiaga S Uno, it acts as a provider of supplemental money for the Commission X.

Kamaruddin explained that the Commission supplement X itself demanded money amounting to Rp 5 billion. However, PT Duta Graha Indah undertakes only Rp 3.2 miliarnya. The money, delivered them to Wafid in the form of three checks. "So (the three checks worth Rp 3.2 billion) not to pack Wafid," he said.

He added, PT Duta Graha Indah Tbk mafia networks can be dragged into this, because the recommendations of Nazaruddin. "The recommend DGI (PT Duta Graha Indah Tbk) to Wafid the Nazaruddin. At a meeting in a restaurant (Nipon Kan Sultan Hotel) in Senayan," he added. In return for the PT Duta Graha Indah Tbk, a company that was won in a construction project tender for the execution of Pensions Athletes Sea Games in Palembang, South Sumatra.

Rosa, according to Agus Condro also been told the same thing. "Rosa is a story, is to be given to the building next door. There permintaandari building next door (next to the building of the Parliament Building Kemenpora-ed). There is a coordinator really. Coordinator of the building next door (DPR) which bagianmenerima. For what? Yes to accelerate the decline in the budget," he said. The coordinator is touted meant is I Wayan Agus Koster, a member of House Commission X of the PDI P.

Source : TribunNews.com

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