07 July 2011

The whole club LPI Liga Primer Indonesian Requested Form U-21 Team

JAKARTA - Indonesia League Management (LPI) will conduct re-verification to all club competitions participants Change The Game's motto. Verification carried out referring to the standard Asian Football Confederation (AFC).

Coaching young players become one of the aspects taken into account. There are at least five professional club fittings aspects to be examined. Infrastructure, finance, legal, administrative, and sporting. "We will form working teams to verify all the areas. They will be active mid-July," said Head of Competition LPI, Hendriyana in a release on Thursday (07/07/2011).

Infrastructure, among others, concerning the physical condition of the stadium, even the players, as well as field practice sites. Finance includes the following funding sources of financial management, legal aspects of the validity of a club set by law, while the administrative aspect is the completeness of the club following a personnel office. "

The fifth aspect of sporting or coaching young players. Later, each club should do it, can be preceded by the formation of U-21 team, "Hendriyana added.

Hendriyana reveals, in the early stages of the LPI focus on the stadium following verification completeness. Good condition of the grass, lights, and irrigation channels. "Maketnya like what, we must learn. Therefore, it became the basis for estimating the number of match tickets to be printed," explains Hendriyana.

No less important, the club should sign such a memorandum of understanding (MoU) concerning permit the use of the stadium with the manager or owner, at least one year.

The agreement was a memorandum of understanding is important to prevent cancellation of games because the stadium is used for other purposes. "For example, to hold the match outside the LPI, or more managers need for activities outside of football," said Hendriyana.

In the first round and then, these cases had experienced FC Bandung, Jakarta FC, also of Batavia Union. Hendriyana asserted, if the club already has a MoU with the stadium manager, issues like that are guaranteed not to be repeated.

Source : TribunNews.com

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