07 July 2011

Jadwal Bursa Transfer Liga Indonesia

Liga Indonesia has ended, each team is now preparing to hunt for new players to strengthen his squad next season.

Each team had a time from 1 September to late October 2011 to get new players, explains CEO of PT Indonesia Joko Driyono League, after doing the socialization procedures for congressional elections in the Solo PSSI, Saturday (09/07/11) future.

"For the new foreign players, the limit only until 30 September, while for local players and foreign players old, who was grazed in Indonesia, the limit until the end of October," said Joko.

Joko explained, the difference is due to boundary adjust Transfer Matching System (TMS) set by FIFA. TMS is used for mensinkornisasi data with data held FIFA soccer association members.

Data needed especially regarding the resettlement of FIFA players from one country to another, so the effect on the provision of the International Transfer Certificate (ITC). For the maintenance of ITC and TMS, FIFA set a deadline until September 30.

"Because it has been determined from the sono it, then we can not be anything other than fit," said Joko.

For foreign players who already grazing in Indonesia last season, no longer needed ITC. "Old foreign players and local players still can be registered up to two weeks before the league starts," he said.

This schedule also applies to teams in the First Division.

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