07 July 2011

Java Rockinland 2011

After Indonesia, especially Jakarta, becoming known as a lover of jazz music destination thanks to the Java Jazz Festival, now is the time to echo Jakarta as a city destination rock music lovers around the world. Through the largest annual rock festival in South East Asia Rockin'land Java, Jakarta is expected to again be a gathering place for music lovers not only from all over Indonesia, but also from neighboring countries.

So far, the band recorded 14 international and 60 groups Indonesia has given its confirmation to appear on Gudang Garam InterMusic Java Rockin'land 2011 on 22, 23 and July 24, 2011, at Carnaval Beach Ancol.

Some of them are The Cranberries, The Dirt Radicals, Ed Kowalczyk of Live, 30 Seconds to Mars, Neon Trees, Loudness, We Are Scientists, Happy Mondays, Blood Red Shoes, The Young Giant, Good Charlotte, Franco, Frente, Helloween.

While some of the rock group from Indonesia that has agreed to appear include God Bless, Cupumanik, Edane, Power Metal, 7 Deadly Sins, The Morning After, Closehead, husky, Speak Up, Step Forward, Power Slave, X-Shibuya, March No labels, Divide, Master Wu, morphemes, Dried Cassava, Fable, Alone At Last and Munthe. List of rock group that will perform will continue to grow.

You ever come to Java Rockin'land certainly know what rapture to be found during the course of three days of concert music. But Java Festival Production as organizers do not want to make the visitors tired of the treats that it-that's all. Special this year, there are some unique things that we can find in the ranks of the performers.


1. Whether intentional or not, there are many rock group whose members were sisters. And in Java Rockin'land this year, there are at least four brothers rock group: The Cranberries (Noel and Mike Hogan), 30 Seconds to Mars (Shannon and Jared Leto), The Dirt Radicals (Matt and Sam Cooper), and Good Charlotte (Joel and Benji Madden). Happy Mondays was founded by brothers Shaun and Paul Ryder, but Paul was not with the Happy Mondays. Meanwhile, Ed Kowalczyk, along with the group since LIVE, often playing with his brother, Adam Kowalczyk, as an additional player.

2. Year 2011 is a special year for the legendary Japanese rock band, Loudness. They celebrate the age of 30 years. During the month of May, June AI, Loudness toured the United States as a celebration. Loudness is a Japanese rock group that scored success on the U.S. mainland.

3. The emergence of the name Blood Red Shoes in the group list viewer, made in Hong Kong fans rush to buy tickets InterMusic Java Rockin Gudang Garam, Äôland since May. As for fans of rock group Good Charlotte, their appearance on the last day of Gudang Garam InterMusic Rockin Java, Äôland 2011, Sunday, July 24, the consolation of his disappointment of fans, because the canceled show in Bali last April.

4. Influence of the Internet and social media is very big in promoting Rockin'land Java and Jakarta as "the capital of rock." When the name of the Java Rockin InterMusic Gudang Garam, Äôland listed on the official website of international groups, and discussed through social media, the more broad is the spread of the name of Jakarta as a city music festival. The amount of rock festival goers calling Java Rockin InterMusic Gudang Garam, Äôland in any social media campaign encouraging that in Indonesia there is an international rock music festival that prestigious.

5. Many are wondering if The Cranberries will come up with vocalist Dolores O, ÄôRiordan. Apparently, JFP interested in inviting this group to the festival rocknya precisely because it was just a reunion of The Cranberries, complete with original vocalist. Last info that can be viewed on the website of The Cranberries is this group just finished recording their new studio album for the 24th of May. So, the likely audience InterMusic Java Rockin Gudang Garam, Äôland 2011 on July 23 to hear a few songs from latest album of The Cranberries.

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