06 July 2011

Cast "Boys over Flowers" Soon Join Military Conscription

Setelah hari kemarin saya posting tentang KH Zainuddin MZ Meninggal Dunia Karena Sakti - Dai Sejuta Umat Meninggal Dunia dan Jadwal Puasa dan Imsakiyah 2011 Seluruh Kota Khususnya Jakarta, maka hari ini saya akan update artikel terbaru lagi, yaitu Cast "Boys over Flowers" Soon Join Military Conscription.

END of this year, Kim Joon certainly join the draft.

Allkpop site on Monday (4 / 7) writes performer Song Woo Bin in the series Boys Over Flowers has received calls from the government and will come at the end of compulsory military training in 2011.

T-Max personnel received a sudden call. According to the management of T-Max, already scheduled a gig in Japan until the end of 2011.

"Wanting to fulfill a promise to fans, we hope that companies that deal with T-Max in Japan continue to run the program promo T-Max. But if without Kim Joon of the Japanese are reluctant to promote T-Max, there was no alternative but to cancel all schedules, "explained the representative T-Max.

"We can announce now because we are putting together a schedule that could benefit all parties. Kim Joon meet adulthood by joining the military service, while other personnel Min-Chul Shin, Joo Chang Yang and Park Han Bi preparing to start a new journey to realize their dreams. We ask for support for its personnel, "please the management.

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