06 July 2011

Siwon "Super Junior" Back Greet Agnes Monica

Setelah hari kemarin saya posting tentang KH Zainuddin MZ Meninggal Dunia Karena Sakti - Dai Sejuta Umat Meninggal Dunia dan Jadwal Puasa dan Imsakiyah 2011 Seluruh Kota Khususnya Jakarta, maka hari ini saya akan update artikel terbaru lagi, yaitu Siwon "Super Junior" Back Greet Agnes Monica.

CHOI Siwon, Super Junior's one of the personnel re-greet Agnes Monica on Twitter microbloging site.

Indeed, this is not the first time he was busy filming a series of Taiwan to communicate with Agnes.

When Siwon was unable to come to Jakarta in early June, he ask the singer of "Paralyzed" was to convey the apology to the fans Indonesia.

This afternoon on Tuesday (5 / 7), at 11:49 pm, Siwon again mention Agnes on Twitter.

Here's their conversation:

"@ Agnezmo yooooo! How are u agnes:)? "

It was not long, at 11:52 o'clock artist who was in the United States to retaliate.

"Great. U? Im boarding now. Pls I'll reach out Arrive:) * whatsapp "@ siwon407: @ agnezmo yooooo! How are u agnes:)? "

Lapse of time long enough, at 15:07 New Siwon had replied:

"@ Agnezmo Same here;) almost done drama in taiwan! Have a safe flight:) b "

Agnes seems more like to continue the conversation via chat applications WhatsApp.

Well, it means that Agnes knew Siwon phone number then?

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