26 February 2010

A Mild Live Wanted 2010 Have Started

Always be different every year, as well as the implementation of this year Wanted 2010.

Always make innovations to continuously improve the quality of Wanted every year, this time it has designed some of the activities that support and contain material about the practice of Indonesian music industry. Session starts from Wanted, Wanted Selection, until Wanted Camp. With a series of activities, the expected bands of participants Wanted: getting ready to compete in Indonesia's music industry, "said Olivia Brand Manager A Mild.

Multi-band search for a new version of Wanted has given birth a few names that are now popular in the community, among others d'Massiv, dominoes and Geisha.

And starting on January 23 until 11 April 2010, Wanted Session will be held in 15 major cities in Indonesia. In this event, the committee has begun accepting live demo CD from 2010 Wanted candidates. Not only filled band performances, this event will also be filled with music clinics.

Selection Wanted later sessions that are divided into several stages: delivery of live demo CD in the Drop Box Zone in 20 areas and JKT PO BOX WANTED 10000th committee appointed. CDs that have been collected will be selected by the jury CDs in Jakarta. 20 best bands from each area will be selected, so that there are 400 bands advanced to the stage right Selection Area.
In stage selection area, there are 20 bands that will be assessed directly by the national jury and took the best band. Finally, there will be a total of 20 bands finalists to participate in Camp Wanted.

Wanted Camp is an intensive program for five days. Where in this stage, 20 band finalists received theory and practice surrounding the music industry (such simulation Indonesian music industry). That said, this sort Wanted Camp Amazing Race television program. And at this final stage, 20 band finalists will perform at the Final Selection and assessed directly by the jury.

The jury will be involved in the 2010 Wanted: Dragonflies Java Jive, Noey Java Jive, Anton Wahyudi (Program Director, Motion FM) and Bhita Asri Herwanty (Music Director I Radio). Then Musica Studio's and Trinity Optima Production is still believed to be co-A Mild Live Wanted 2010.

Wanted May 2010 and returned a positive result for the progress of Indonesian music industry.

A Mild Live Wanted

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