26 February 2010

A Mild Live Wanted 2010

A Mild Live Wanted (AMLW) is a music event for search talented bands in Indonesia, that most successful organized. with the slogan, "We Spot Your Talent", the main purpose of this event is to explore and make the bands that are currently still engaged in independent (Indie) and 10 finalists bands will be given the best opportunity for the recording and compilation albums made with the major label recording company, that is a dream for many bands in indonesia.

Began in 2007 with the feature A Mild Live Wanted Rising Star, the search bands assigned to several big cities in indonesia and divided in several regional. Success is thanks to the involvement of the perpetrators of the music industry such as: Deteksi Production, Musica Studio's and Trinity Optima Production.

The result is, this event is able to produce quality bands and able to show that this event is not a haphazard event. d'Masiv and Geisha is an example of band from AMLW 2007 which is currently popular in the music industry of indonesia. addition, there is Magneto, from AMLW 2008 who also quickly popular and successful after to follow this event. and AMLW 2009, Supernova Band become champion and get the opportunity recordings. and is expected to be The Next Rising Star in the music industry of indonesia and follow the success of the bands before.

See you at A Mild Live Wanted 2010.

SUMBER : http://noise-harmony.blogspot.com/2009/08/mild-live-wanted.html

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