03 February 2010


SHE (Sound and Harmony Eclectric) is an Indonesian band that was formed and living in Bandung. This band was formed on February 22, 2000, with members are Adisty (drums), Arnie (bass), Achie (violin), Qoqo (electric guitar), Joey (vocals), Riry (acoustic guitar), and Yayo (keyboards) . The formation of the band members womenfolk started from an idea of SHE's manager, Dino Naturandang. They are united in a meeting at the studio. Their first album titled "Tentang Aku, Kamu dan Dia" was released in January 2005. then the second album "Tersenyum Lagi" was released on May 4, 2007.

And SHE showed musical quality through third album titled "Tak Sekedar Kembali" (2009) and resulting a hits song "Jomblowati" who can steal steal the attention of Indonesian music lovers. SHE are a female band that consists of all female personnel. Indonesia's music scene is dominated by male bands today. Although most of them brought a melancholy pop .. but with nuances rock inserted to categorized pop rock. SHE presence can bring scent the air in the middle of the crush competition male bands. That's what they are selling packaging to be different in the main flow path.

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